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Be an EmPLAYer

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Is a Play Abby partnership right for you? We hope so!

We're excited to bring Play Abby to a neighbourhood near you. As owners of your nearest indoor play park, you can pride yourself in leading a local team and offering a space of play for the whole community

Below are some steps and important subjects to think about when inquiring to be a Play Abby Franchise Partner

What you'll need

What You'll Need

Applicant minimum requirements

  • You’re willing to invest a minimum of $542K

  • You’re willing to train and demonstrate the skills required before you invest

  • Have passion and desire to learn and grow within the industry

Experience in a diverse and professional background alongside team building and leadership skills are valuable in preparing for franchise ownership


Connecting with people is key, as you’ll be managing a team of different ages and cultural backgrounds

Experience owning your own business or experience in the tourism industry is not a requirement. Our training program helps prepare you for ownership of a Play Abby franchise

How it works

How it Works

The opportunities are out there, whether it's locating a commercial unit and fitting it out or purchasing another indoor playground and retrofitting it with Play Abby's tested system

When your franchise is awarded, you become a Play Abby owner!


Your chosen playground will be built, marketing will commence and when you and your EmPLAYees are trained... you're open for business

Application Journey

The Application Journey

  • Step 1 - Inquire

  • Step 2 - Complete an application

  • Step 3 - Qualify as a candidate 

  • Step 4 -  Disclosure review

  • Step 5 - Market study

  • Step 6 - Discovery Day

  • Step 7  - Documentation

  • Step 8 - Franchise Awarded!

Investing in a business is a decision with long-term commitments

These are the steps to become a Play Abby Franchise Owner

Ready to inquire?

Training Requirements

Training Requirements 

You must be willing to engage in both classroom and in-field training programs, totalling approximately 137 hours. 


The training program can consist of up to 3-weeks of in-depth courses and will cover:

  • Maintenance

  • Operations

  • Marketing and advertising

  • Team recruitment and retention

  • HR management

  • Bookkeeping and reporting

  • Mascot management 

  • Storytime and event management 

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