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Be an EmPLAYer

Information on Canada's newest franchise opportunity

Is Play Abby partnership right for you? We hope so!

Investing in a business is a decision with long-term commitments. It's important that our selection process be thorough and detailed because we want to ensure being a partner is the right fit for you

Below are some steps and important subjects to think about when inquiring to be a Play Abby Franchise Partner

What you'll need

What You'll Need

Applicant minimum requirements

  • You’re willing to invest a minimum of $542K

  • You’re willing to relocate or commute to accept an opportunity

  • You’re willing to train and demonstrate the skills required before you invest

Experience in a diverse and professional background alongside team building and leadership skills are valuable in preparing for franchise ownership


Connecting with people is key, as you’ll be managing a team of different ages and cultural backgrounds

Experience owning your own business or experience in the tourism industry is not a requirement. Our training program helps prepare you for ownership of a Play Abby franchise

How it works

How it Works

The opportunities are out there, whether it's locating a commercial unit and fitting it out or purchasing another indoor playground and retrofitting it with Play Abby's tested system

When your franchise is awarded, you become a Play Abby owner!


Your chosen playground will be built, marketing will commence and when you and your EmPLAYees are trained... you're open for business

Application Journey

The Application Journey

  • Step 1 - Request an Interview

  • Step 2 - Initial 

  • Step 3 - Complete a Candidate Qualification Questionnaire 

  • Step 4 -  Disclosure review

  • Step 5 - Market study

  • Step 6 - Discovery Day

  • Step 7  - Documentation

  • Step 8 - Franchise Awarded!

Investing in a business is a decision with long-term commitments


It's important that our selection process be thorough and detailed because we want to ensure being an owner is the right fit for you

These are the steps to become a Play Abby Franchise Owner

Ready to inquire?

Training Requirements

Training Requirements 

You must be willing to engage in both classroom and in-field training programs, totalling approximately 137 hours. 


The training program can consist of up to 3-weeks of in-depth courses and will cover:

  • Maintenance

  • Operations

  • Marketing and advertising

  • Team recruitment and retention

  • HR management

  • Bookkeeping and reporting

  • Mascot management 

  • Storytime and event management 

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